FORTI-COL™ – Colloidal case study 1



Case Study Details

PROJECT: Densification of concrete with colloidal silica and light grind to achieve fast “burnished” look

PLACE: QLD, Australia

DATE: 19th May 2021

COMPANY: Honed & Polished Concrete

CONTACT DETAILS: Christopher Bradley 0424 122 836




“Hi Gabriel,
We were very impressed with the performance of the Chemforce Colloidal Silicate (Forti-ColTM) with the specific application for burnished con- crete floors which have been a challenge in the past with potassium silicate hardeners.
The product worked as you explained and went in well in a very tight (55mpa) burnished slab that had been wet honed with 400 grit polish pads before applying a flood coat of CS(Forti-ColTM). It was allowed to work for 4 hours before we applied a lick coat and Mitchell had no trouble remov- ing it and getting a good shine on the floor. Below is some pictures of the process starting with the raw floor, after wet honing it and applying the CS (Forti-ColTM) then cutting off the lick coat then the progress through the polishing stages.

I think it has improved our productivity by around 15-20% and we are really happy to make this our new go to product for doing mechanically polished concrete burnished floors. Sorry for the quality of the photos they are more just a work record of the process and don’t do your product justice as to how well it works. The key point is that it is so much easier and quicker to get cut off the densifier than usual and avoid the abrasives heating up and leaving a swirl pattern from trying to cut through a thick skin.”

Christopher Bradley

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