FORTI-COL™ – Concrete Countertop Build and Polish


AUSTRALIA – 16th June 2021

Case Study Details

PROJECT: Concrete Countertop Build and Polish

PLACE: Private residence

DATE: 16th June 2021

COMPANY: Shamrock Concrete Services


TELEPHONE: 0426 997 287


SUPPLIER: Concreters Warehouse Keysborough


Project requirements:

Trial Forti-Col™ a new technology colloidal silica densifier with a very small particle size and optimized for maximum penetration instead of a lithium densifier.


Due to tight time constraints, Forti-Col was applied and only had 4 hours cure time, before the countertop was polished to a 1500 grit finish. Unlike standard sodium, potassium and lithium densifiers, which leave a residue which is difficult to grind off and clogs the polishing pads so the diamonds don’t cut cleanly, excess colloidal silica on the surface is easy to remove, saving time.


The finish, per the photo, is spectacular, despite only being ground to 1500 grit, instead of 3,000+ and with only 4 hours cure time. In theory, although there is never enough time to let it happen, densifiers only cure to a fully hard Si02 over 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the weather and the type of densifier. It is difficult to get a good enough cure in 4 hours and in cold weather to achieve such an excellent finish.

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