S-COMPLEX™ – Sabre Jet XT – Ultimate Stone


USA – 6th October 2021

Case Study Details

PROJECT- S-Complex™ Trial – cutting hard quartzite

EQUIPMENT – Sabre Jet XT bridge saw by Park Industries

PLACE – Ultimate Stone, Elk Grove Village, IL,U.S.A

DATE – 6th October 2021

CONTACT – Marcin Kozak, info@ultimatestone.com

WEBSITE – www.ultimatestone.com

Ultimate Stone is a stone fabrication plant processing natural stone, man-made quartz and porcelain.


  • Trial Chemforce S-Complex™, cutting 2 types of hard quartzite – Taj Mahal and Iceberg using a Sabre Jet XT Bridge Saw.
  • Achieve a higher cutting speed by dosing the water to the saw with a small amount of S-Complex.
  • Optimize the Zenesis blade to maintain optimal sharpness and cleaner cuts with fewer blowouts.


The water feed to the Sabre Jet XP bridge saw was directly dosed with 0.8% S-Complex™ using a Dema inline injector dosing pump.

Increased Cutting Performance                   Taj Mahal Quartzite

Typical cutting speed with fresh water       30 inches/Min

With 0.8% S-Complex™                                135 inches/Min

Increase in cutting speed                               x 4.5


Increased Cutting Performance                   Iceberg Quartzite

Typical cutting speed with fresh water       20 inches/Min

With 0.8% S-Complex™                                95 inches/Min

Increase in cutting speed                               x 4.75


After the trial, Ultimate Stone used the S-Complex™ to cut a full kitchen project from Iceberg Quartzite in 12 minutes, which would usually take 1 hour.

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