Concrete Polishing

    5L / 1.3G

    C-Complex™ is a next-generation, concentrated performance additive designed to substantially increase concrete grinding, polishing and cutting speed and lengthen diamond tool life.

    diamond-tool-performance polishing-additive concrete-polishing
    5L / 1.3G
    Enhance +™

    Premium, color enhancing, impregnating sealer for natural stone and polished concrete.

    concrete-polishing impregnating-sealers-concrete-polishing
    5L / 1.3G

    Colloidal silica densifier for concrete.

    concrete-polishing densifiers
    5L / 1.3G

    Potassium silicate densifier for concrete.

    concrete-polishing densifiers
    5L / 1.3G

    Ready-to-use, advanced acid wash for quick removal of dried concrete / limestone slurry from polishing & cutting machines.

    cleaners-protectors-for-tools-machines-surfaces cleaners-removers concrete-polishing concrete-precast-slabs diamond-tool-performance slurry-efflorescence-removers-concrete-cleaners
    5L / 1.3G

    Release agent for easier cleaning of concrete polishing, cutting and troweling machines.

    cleaners-protectors-for-tools-machines-surfaces concrete-polishing diamond-tool-performance
    5L / 1.3G

    Advanced, ready-to-use, environmentally responsible oxygen cleaner for natural stone, masonry, tile, concrete, and grout.

    cleaners-protectors-for-tools-machines-surfaces cleaners-removers concrete-polishing concrete-precast-slabs impregnating-sealers-concrete-precast-slabs tile-stone-protection
    5L / 1.3G (Metal Flask)
    Stain Protector™

    Premium impregnating sealer world-leading protection for stone and other porous surfaces.

    concrete-polishing impregnating-sealers-concrete-polishing tile-stone-protection
    5L / 1.3G

    Concentrated, super-sacrificial coating protects walls and other exposed surfaces.

    cleaners-protectors-for-tools-machines-surfaces concrete-polishing diamond-tool-performance

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