Professional graffiti remover for coated/painted surfaces.



Professional graffiti remover for masonry, stone and other uncoated/non-painted surfaces.

Stain ProtectorTM

  • Non-film forming, permanent bonding impregnator does not change the look of the surface.
  • Surface remains breathable, so that water which wicks into walls through the foundations can escape by evaporation.
  • Most popular for protecting natural stone, where it is important to maintain the look and breathability.
  • Penetrates and forms a water and oil repellent barrier, which limits the penetration of most types of graffiti. The graffiti is easier to clean and reduces possibility of permanent staining.
  • GR1TM graffiti remover is recommended for removing graffiti from surfaces treated with Stain ProtectorTM.
GR1TM Graffiti remover is safe for masonry, natural stone and coated surfaces – suitable for surfaces treated with Stain ProtectorTM. No carcinogenic petrochemical solvents.

GR2TM Powerful graffiti remover for uncoated surfaces, including masonry and natural stone – NOT suitable for use on coated surfaces or surfaces treated with Stain ProtectorTM.

This is a stand-alone product.

Grafitti Control 
Grafitti Control 

Stain Protector

Anti-Grafitti Coating


  • Limits penetration of grafitti into pores and makes cleaning easier

  • Coatings form a film barrier which provides excellent protection against all types of graffiti.

  • Graffiti removers are still required to clean graffiti, which degrade the coating.


  • Keeps look of surface regardless of which graffiti remover is used – particularly important for natural stone.

  • Creates a gloss or matte film, which can whiten, yellow and wear over time. Also, graffiti removers will degrade the film, making it look unsightly.


  • Up to 15 years: High UV stability and chemical resistance.

  • Not affected by pressure washing.

  • Sacrificial: Re-apply every time wall is pressure washed.

  • Semi-Permanent: 1-4 years depending on UV and cleaning regime. Graffiti removers can damage, then wall must be stripped to reapply.

Breathability and related issues

  • Highly breathable – water in wall able to evaporate out.

  • Keeps pores dry which retards mold growth.

  • Block pores, traps moisture inside wall.

  • Efflorescence, mold and moisture can collect under the coating.


  • Clean wall and re-apply.

  • Strip old coating off before re-application.


  • Higher initial cost of application

  • Longevity = low long-term cost

  • Lower initial cost

  • High re-application costs