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Performance additive for drilling and tunnelling.

Diamond tool performance additive for hard rock drilling in mining, geotechnical and tunnelling operations. Huge gains in drilling speed. Fewer drill string jams. Increased diamond tool and machine life.

Product Technical Benefits

  • Low-cost concentrate — used at 0.4 to 1% dilution.
  • Increased ROP (Rate of Penetration), real-life increases of up to 3.4x.
  • Increased torque at the drilling head.
  • Preserves tool cutting edges, increasing drill bit life by 80-90%
  • Fewer drill string excursions.
  • Reduced wear on the drill string by lubricating the drill bit, bearings, mud pump & drill pipe.
  • Reduced machine stress prolongs engine life.
  • Biodegradable


Product Applications

  • Exploration drilling 
  • Shaft drilling 
  • Ore milling 
  • Tunneling and boring 
  • Wells, geotech & pilings 


Drilling Efficiency and Cost

Drilling costs are mainly driven by ROP and bit life. The key factors in drill bit wear are the bit type, the bit operating parameters and the characteristics of the substrate being drilled. Complex 42™ reduces drill bit wear in all substrates, providing significant downstream performance improvements throughout the whole drilling process.

Complex 42™ increases milling efficiency via the Rehbinder Effect which softens fresh ore surfaces as it is broken up. Complex 42™ is recycled many times with the mill water before it has to be topped up.


How Complex 42™ Works

  • Diamond Preservation
    Complex 42™ is formulated to reduce diamond wear. In the presence of heat and pressure, Complex 42™ not only works as a lubricant but forms a protective coating around the tool. In the example of a drill string, Complex 42™ has been demonstrated to reduce friction both on the cutting head and on the well wall, reducing fuel costs and wear and tear on the equipment.
  • Increased cutting / grinding speed
    Complex 42™ works via a physical property known as the Rehbinder Effect to significantly increase cutting and drilling efficiency through softening of the rock surface allowing increased penetration. The added benefit of diamond preservation means greater cutting efficiency over the life of the tool because the diamonds stay sharper for longer.


Pack Sizes

  • 200L (53GAL); 1000L (264GAL)


Shelf Life and Storage Guidelines

Best within 3 years of manufacture date.
Keep container tightly sealed, in a well-ventilated place, at 36 – 1000 Fahrenheit of 2 – 380 Celsius


Technical Data

  • Specific Gravity: 0.97
  • Colour: Clear colourless to light straw yellow liquid
  • Weight: 200L (53G) = 56.5Kg (24Lb) Including pallet; 1000L = 1029kg
  • VOCs: ˂343g/L (using EPA method 24)


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