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Colloidal silica densifier for concrete.




New technology colloidal silica densifier for concrete. Premium curing and anti-dusting treatment for freshly poured slabs.

Product Technical Benefits

Product Applications


NOTE: If a 100% membrane is needed against water and water vapour, for example:
a) areas where water can pool and sit for extended periods, such as bathrooms
b) areas where concrete will move and crack over time.
c) surfaces where there can be chemical spills
a suitable acrylic or epoxy class 3 membrane with sufficient elasticity, elongation and chemical resistance is recommended.

How to Use

1. Read full How to Use instruction before applying Forti-Col™
2. Test on an inconspicuous area and allow to dry to check the result.
3. Ensure the concrete is dry inside before applying. If applying as a primer / anti-dusting / curing treatment on freshly poured (green) concrete, it is recommended to give the concrete a minimum of 2 hours cure time before applying, depending on the weather.
4. Apply when surface temperature is above 2°Celsius (36° F) and below 27°Celsius (80°F).
5. Apply generously with a pump sprayer, coating the surface evenly so it remains glistening wet for at least 2 minutes. AVOID POOLING.
6. DO NOT over apply – you want all of the product to penetrate without leaving any excess on the surface. If excess product is left to dry on the surface, it will need to be ground off.
7. How much Forti-Col™ to use:

a)  As a primer / membrane / anti-dusting treatment: for these applications it is important to achieve maximum penetration and volume of the product so that the pores are sufficiently filled. Minimum 2 coats recommended.
b)  For optimal polished concrete, impregnate the concrete twice:

i. First impregnation – after grinding with 80 to 100 grit metal-bond pad. If the first coat penetrates within 5 minutes, apply a second lighter coat (and further coats if necessary).
ii. Second impregnation – after 400 grit resin bond pad. If it is not penetrating well, dilute 2 parts Forti-Col™ to 1 part water.
iii. Allow treated surface to cure for minimum 4 hours before grinding. Forti-Col™ cures faster than sodium, potassium, lithium densifiers, but longer cure = harder = more shine.

8. Application rate PER COAT: approximately 6 to 15m2 / L (240 to 600 square ft / G) depending on concrete density and porosity.

9. Recommended Dilution Ratios:
a) Forti-Col™ is a ready-to-use out of the container, but for freshly poured or dense concrete, Forti-Col™ can be diluted a little more – 2 parts Forti-Col™ to 1 part water (no more than 1 part Forti-ColTM to 1 part water).


Spillage – Take up mechanically or with absorbent material such as sand, earth or vermiculite.


TDG UN Status: This material is not regulated hazardous material for transportation.


Pack Sizes


Shelf Life and Storage Guidelines

Best within 2 years of manufacture date.
Store away from direct sunlight.
Keep container tightly sealed, in a well-ventilated place, at 36 – 900 Fahrenheit of 2 – 320 Celsius

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