Our main goal is to achieve new standards of excellence in chemical products for the construction and mining industries. The environment, safety and true scientific innovation are our driving forces.

Gabriel Chapman


Simon Lansell


Dr John Stavrakis


People come first. If you are a Chemforce™ customer, you are part of the Chemforce™ family and your success is our concern. Success comes from knowledge, from understanding the technologies on offer, what makes them different and which are the safest and most effective solutions to common problems. Aside from development and manufacture, our role is to provide effective education and technical support and improve the average knowledge of construction chemicals amongst professional users and sellers.

As we grow, it is our intention to seek out and develop talented, enthusiastic, hardworking people, regardless of age, sex or socio-economic background.


Technology is perhaps the most widely used word in the chemical industry, yet most chemical companies offer the same “me too” products.

Chemforce™ is dedicated to superior technology which is safer for people and the environment. Every Chemforce™ product must equal or offer a clear technical advantage over the best competitor technology.

Scientific Innovation

We are tech heads. We love science. Chemforce’s 3 Directors not only have extensive experience at the cutting edge of construction chemicals, but are all experienced innovators and inventors. We live to create. We are those nerds who message each other with a new breakthrough in the dead of night while the world is snoring, because for us this is the undiscovered new world.

Consequently, we are experimenting and innovating in areas of materials science outside of construction chemicals, including nano-engineered energy storage and the Internet Of Things.

Safety and the Environment

People before commerce. The chemical industry has a poor reputation. We want Chemforce to be part of the solution. Chemistry is a beautiful thing. Our bodies and every living thing on earth functions through multiple forms of energy. We should be able to produce functional chemical solutions which do not “poison the well”.

Did you know that it is possible to produce cleaners and protective coatings which make surfaces partially self-cleaning and remove toxic VOCs from our atmosphere?