C-Complex™ is a next-generation, concentrated performance additive designed to substantially increase concrete grinding, polishing and cutting speed and lengthen diamond tool life.

C-Complex™ is a next-generation, concentrated performance additive designed to substantially increase concrete grinding, polishing and cutting speed and lengthen diamond tool life.

C-Complex™ radically improves diamond tool effectiveness and lifespan, shortening jobs, lowering tool costs and raising profit margins.

Key Applications
  • Grinding, honing, polishing of concrete floors
  • Concrete cutting
  • Removal of floor coatings by grinding
How C-Complex™ optimizes cutting/grinding speed AND diamond tool life:
  • Exploits a physical property called the Rebinder Effect, softening the substrate ahead of the tool.
  • Maximizes effective torque at the tool–surface interface while reducing machine torque and tool vibration.
  • Enables greater increase in penetration speed with increased cutting speeds and pressure.
  • With pressure and heat, the additive forms a protective coating around each exposed diamond which minimizes diamond wear and retains sharpness.
  • Preferentially fills micro-fractures in diamonds as they occur during use, reducing hydraulic pressure inside the cracks and slowing disintegration of the diamonds.
Silica Safety

C-Complex™ is non-toxic, low odor, and biodegradable, used at only 3-4% concentration with water.

There has been a worldwide shift toward wet grinding and cutting of concrete in response to global recognition of the health risks from breathing in silica dust released from concrete and granite aggregate. In many countries, dry processing of concrete and natural stone outdoors has been outlawed and indoor dry processing must adhere to strict ventilation protocols in controlled factory environments.

C-Complex Technical Benefits
  • Low-cost concentrate – dilution of approximately 1% with water.
  • Easy to use for both wet and low water grinding and with simple or sophisticated equipment
  • Increased tool life up to 40%
  • Increased grinding rate up to 3x (up to 6x in controlled lab conditions)
  • Increased machine life: C-Complex™ increases torque at the cutting interface while reducing load on the machine and tool vibration.
  • Faster removal of floor coatings – increases grinding speed, reduces diamond tool fouling.
  • Biodegradable
  • Anti-fouling, bacterial growth resistant
  • Built in anti-rust and corrosion inhibitors
How to Use: Concrete Polishing
  • Option 1 – mix 1% C-ComplexTM with water, then apply the solution to the concrete floor.
  • Option 2 – In situations where you have a system which releases water onto the floor as you go, premix 1% C-ComplexTM with the water in your tank or use an electronic doser/fertigation equipment to add 1% C-ComplexTM into the mix as you go.
  • Typical Application Rate: is 0.8 to 1% C-ComplexTM mixed with water. 1% works very well for most projects.
Additional How to Use tips:
  • Make wet grinding easier with M-ProtectTM and M-CleanTM:
    – M-ProtectTM is a release agent which is sprayed onto machinery prior to use and allows easier removal of dried concrete slurry.
    -M-CleanTM is a high-tech acid wash that enables quick removal of dried concrete slurry from machinery without corrosion to exposed metals.
    -W-ProtectTM is a release agent which is sprayed onto walls to protect them from stone slurry and rinses off easily with water.
  • If you use more than 1% C-ComplexTM in a recycling system where the water is recycled or agitated in some way, you may get more than a desirable amount of foaming – then use Rache AF-NC7TM Anti-Foam. At concentrations of 1% or less this can usually be avoided.
  • Eye / Face: Wear splash-proof goggles.
  • Hands: Wear PVC or rubber gloves.
  • Body: When using large quantities or where heavy contamination is likely, wear coveralls.
  • Respiratory Where an inhalation risk exists, wear a Type A (Organic vapour) respirator.
  • Do not take it internally.
  • Avoid spraying in windy conditions.
  • Wash hands thoroughly.


Pack Sizes
  • 5L (1.3G); 20L (5.3G); 200L (53G); 1000L (264G) – for factory / OEM only.
Shelf Life and Storage Guidelines
  • Best within 3 years of manufacture date.
  • Keep container tightly sealed, in a well-ventilated place, at 36 – 1000 Fahrenheit of 2 – 380 Celsius
Technical Data
  • Specific Gravity: 1.04
  • Colour: Clear colourless to light straw yellow liquid
  • Weight: 5L (1.3G) = 5.5Kg (12.1Lb), 20L (5.3G) = 21.4Kg (47Lb, 200L (53G) = 56.5Kg ( 24Lb) incl. pallet.
  • VOCs: 343g/L (using EPA method 24)
Country of Manufacture:


Mix Ratios

0.8% Concentration (1:125 Dilution)


  • 80mL C-ComplexTM per 10L water
  • 0.8L C-ComplexTM to 100L water
  • 8L C-ComplexTM to 1000L water


  • 10fl. Oz C-ComplexTM to 10G water
  • 3.2Qt. C-ComplexTM to 100G water
  • 8G C-ComplexTM to 1000G water

1% Concentration (1:100 Dilution)


  • 10mL C-ComplexTM per 10L water • 0.1L C-ComplexTM to 10L water
  • 1L C-ComplexTM to 100L water


  • 5 Oz C-ComplexTM to 1G water
  • 1Qt. C-ComplexTM to 6G water
  • 1G C-ComplexTM to 24G water

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