Water-based concrete release agent.


Aluminium and steel concrete form release, for simple moulds and tilt slabs. Water based.

Product Technical Benefits
  • Clean release characteristics, low dusting.
  • Water based emulsion – contains no solvents or hydrocarbons.
  •  Safe and non-hazardous to personnel.
  • Designed for use with steel and aluminium forms/moulds.
Product Applications
  • Tilt slabs.
  • Simple mould designs, railway sleeper, telephone poles.
  • Small diameter pipes, up to 20cm diameter.
  • For medium complexity moulds and pipes up to 50cm diameter.
How to Use

1)  Ensure the mould is thoroughly clean before using CFR-WB1TM:

a)  Scrub the mould using a degreaser / solvent / purposed made cleaner, with a brush / non-scratch scrubbing pad, then polish off all residue with absorbent cloths before it dries.
b)  Repeat as necessary until mould is thoroughly clean and allow to dry fully.

2)  Conditioning clean mould: Depending on the grade, finish and condition of the mould / form it might be necessary to apply a precoat of CFR-WB1TM and allow it to dry, then apply a second coat as the mould release agent. This is only for the first pour.

3)  Cleaning the mould between pours: After each pour thoroughly remove all dry concrete residue / dust using brushes, cloths etc, paying attention to corners, nooks and crannies, before CFR-WB1TM is applied for the next pour.

1)  Apply CFR-WB1TM with an airless sprayer, which achieves a fine mist and allows even coating of the surface.
2)  Ensure all of the mould / form surfaces are covered with an even, thin coating of CFR- WB1TM.
3)  Be careful to avoid concentration or pooling of the product or drips. On vertical surfaces do not over-apply – so you avoid the product running or dripping.
4)  After application allow the product to dry fully. Drying time depends on ambient temperature and humidity. Once a clear film is left on the mould, the mould is ready for concrete.
5)  NOTE – It is highly recommended to experiment with mould surface preparation, spray application and drying time to achieve the best result before tackling a large project.

Pack Sizes
  • 20L (5.3GAL); 200L (53GAL)

Avoid ingestion. Avoid inhaling. Avoid contact with eyes. Wear respirator with particulate filter if spraying without suitable extraction. Wear safety goggles.
IMPORTANT: For the full health and safety hazard information and how to safely handle and use this product, make sure that you obtain a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) from Chemforce office or website.

First Aid

If inhaled relocate to fresh air. If symptoms occur, seek immediate medical attention.
If contact with eyes occurs, wash eyes with copious quantities of water and consult doctor if irritation persists.
If ingested (swallowed) DO NOT induce vomiting. Get medical attention if symptoms occur. Rinse mouth thoroughly with water.

For advice, immediately contact a doctor, ambulance, or, a Poison Information Centre:
Australia – 13 11 26 (Australia Wide)
USA – American Association of Poison Control Centres 1-800-222-1222
Canadian Poison Centres – Ontario (24/7): Telephone: 416-813-5900; Toll free: 1-800-268- 9017
UK – England and Wales: NHS 111 – dial 111; Scotland: NHS 24 – dial 111; Republic of Ireland: 01 809 2166


Spillage – Take up mechanically or with absorbent material such as sand, earth or vermiculite.


TDG UN Status: This material is not regulated hazardous material for transportation.

Shelf Life and Storage Guidelines

Shelf life is 4 months from the date of delivery.
Storage temperature should be within the range of 5 to 32C (40-90F) Containers should be well sealed.

Technical Data
  • Specific Gravity: ~1.0
  • Colour: Milky white to yellowish
  • Weight: 20L (5.3G) = 20.5Kg (45Lb), 200L (53G) = 215Kg (474Lb).
  • VOCs: Zero
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